BritWordaDay: Anglophiles’ Top Guide to British Culture

How to successfully travel to, work, and live in the United Kingdom.

Coming Early 2017


Our Upcoming Book on British Culture Will Be Wicked…


And it will make you scream…out of pure excitement! Want to know how to establish credit in the UK? It’s in this book. Want to know how to transport your beloved horse to your new home in England? It’s in this book. Want to know what a Mummers’ Play is, compete in a cheese-rolling contest or attend the Up Helly Aa festival in Scotland? Oh yeah, it’s in this book. This is only a taste of what you find covered in my upcoming book.

It will give you all the need-to-know information to successfully move, work, and live in the United Kingdom. Want to know what other topics that are covered in this book? Tweet me @BritWordayaDay or @jenreckard with your questions. I would love your feedback or any ideas you might have to make this the best British Culture book…ever!

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you all,

Jen Reckard
CEO, author, and British word nerd

We’re Writing a Book on British Culture


You’re moving to England and you know this is going to be a huge transition. Where do you even being, yeah? Aside from obtaining a passport and proper visa, how does one adapt to life as a Brit?

I’m writing a book to serve as your top guide to British culture. It will include everything from making your move to England to immersing yourself in all things British. Since I’ve already written a book on British words and the various regional dialects, this upcoming book will focus on the ways and customs of the British, in both professional and social settings.

BritWordaday Ebook Available on iTunes

BritWordaDay: Anglophiles Top Guide to British Words and Beyond is now available for download on iTunes for iBooks. Grab your ebook today!

BritWordaDay EBook
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Amazon Review –
Worth Its Weight in Gold


One of my Twitter followers, Mountain Mill Pudding, sent me an article on book publishing for which I am so grateful. It was very informative and timely in light of my first book having been published. One of the key elements mentioned for EBooks was the online reviews.

Amazon has special algorithms that will increase your book’s visibility based on the number of reviews posted for a particular title. Obviously, good or great reviews work in an author’s favor, giving your book better rankings. As a newbie author, I need all the help I can muster.

Thus, I’ve begun posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram graphics with simple instructions and a link to post an Amazon book review.

So, my dear Anglophiles, if you are willing to assist this brand new author in creating visibility for my Amazon Ebook – BritWordaDay: Anglophiles Top Guide to British Words and Beyond, I would be honored and most grateful for your assistance. Below are links to Amazon US and Amazon UK for my Yank and Brit followers. Kindly follow the simple instructions to leave your review. It will be worth its weight in gold.

Cheers my lovelies,


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Remember: You can download this EBook on the Amazon Kindle app via your smartphone or tablet. Don’t have either one? Read the Ebook on Kindle Cloud Reader.


BritWordaDay Book is Now Available

It’s finally here, my dears, the BritWordaDay Anglophiles Top Guide of British Words and Beyond and it has been published on Amazon Kindle. This EBook has 619 pages due to it’s extensive lexicon of slang words in the Glossary of UK Slang – A to Z and dialects in the Glossary of UK Words – By Region. There are literally thousands of words and sayings!

The Social Media Community

I was able to include the suggestions and input of others you may know from the social media community. These are followers of BritWordaDay on Twitter that have offered their input in exchange for free advertisement. I was thrilled to partner with these lovely people and provide web links, in this book, that would allow readers to connect with them on social media. Here are the names of those who contributed to the book and in what capacity as well as a link to their Twitter accounts.

  • Sam Hill – Barrow-in-Furness dialect and one cool Sammie Cat!
  • Leigh Spencer – Leicester dialect and top “chizzit” (in the book)
  • Ginny “Tonic” – resident of Bristol and a kind lady with the most soothing voice.
  • Jane Malyon – tea etiquette and Chief Scone Gnome
  • Jam First – my Cornish mates and lovers of Cream Tea
  • John Fusco – British words in music, fellow paisano and music writer
  • Bec Boop – London Fashionista and lovely ginger Irish expat
  • Pam Campbell – British superstitions and most loyal Twitter follower
  • Orion Hombre – Emirates Air Car, artists eye, and a dear, dear soul

Discoveries About UK Dialects

Aside from the Barrow in Furness dialect that Sam Hill altered me to, I discovered a few in the north of England, such as Potteries and Mackem. In the South of England, I discovered the Bristol, Essaxon, and even the East Anglian dialects. One of the most interesting was the MLE dialect of London with expressions like “bare” “reem” and “well jell” If you’re a word nerd like me, you’ll be in dialect heaven whilst perusing these massive lexicons.

Beyond British Words

There are many things Anglophiles adore about the British. In my book, you will learn about the following subjects:

  • England, Britain, and the UK
  • London Boroughs and Landmarks
  • British Royal Family
  • Royal Dynasties, Palaces, and Ceremonies
  • Regional Dialects of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dessert, and Takeaway of the UK
  • Drinks and Drinking in the UK
  • Shopping, Clothing, and Fashion of London (and more)
  • TV, Music, and Sports of the UK
  • Holidays of the UK
  • Traditions, Customs, and Superstitions of the UK
  • People, Pets, Work, and Political Occupations of the UK
  • Housing and Household Items of Britain
  • Education in the UK
  • Travel and Transport in London and the UK
  • Spelling, Dates, Time, and Money

Please feel free to download a sample of BritWordaDay Anglophiles Top Guide of British Words and Beyond on Amazon to see what you think. If you like it enough to purchase the Ebook, then I’ve done my job. The Ebook is also available in these countries:

Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Spain
Amazon Italy
Amazon Netherlands
Amazon Japan
Amazon India
Amazon Canada
Amazon Brazil
Amazon Mexico
Amazon Australia

Thank you, dear Anglophiles, for your patience whilst I brought this book to fruition. As the saying goes, “Keep Calm and Carry On” and thus, this guide is now ready for you.

Cheers and the Best of British,


There’s Been a Delay


BritWordaDay-Amazon-Kindle-BookDue to unforeseen circumstances, our BritWordaDay Anglophiles Top Guide of British Words and Beyond has been postponed. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on its new release date!

Thank you all for your patience as we get things with the book sorted out. We can’t wait to put this book in your hands, via your tablet or smartphone, and take you on a journey of all things British. British words will, of course, be predominantly featured throughout the book, with special chapters dedicated solely to the various dialects of the United Kingdom.

Stay tuned!

Book Release Date


I am excited to announce that our #BritWordaDayBook will be released on November 24, 2015 for download on Amazon Kindle! Here is the draft table of contents outlining the topics that I cover in my book. It’s not final so I may make some tweaks. 😉

  • Why Write Another British Book?
  • England, Britain, and the UK
  • British Royal Family – The House of Windsor
  • British Slang Word Top Picks
  • Regional Dialects of the North
  • Regional Dialects of the Midlands
  • Regional Dialects of the South
  • Dialects of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  • Breakfast of the UK
  • Lunch, Supper, Tea, and Takeaway
  • Snacks, Sweets, and Puddings
  • About Drinks and Drinking in the UK
  • Clothing, Shopping, and Fashion
  • Entertainment – Your Anglophile Fix
  • Holidays, Traditions, and Superstitions
  • British Money – Past & Present
  • Travel and Transport – London and Beyond
  • Work, the Office, and Political Occupations
  • British Spelling, Dates, and Time
  • Glossary of Words By Region and Subject

Focus and Purpose of the Book

Though the primary focus is slang words, this book will also take you on my personal journey along this Anglophile road. Ever since I was a young girl, I was drawn to England, Ireland, and Scotland. My first love was the accents and Big Ben. Yet, as an adult, learning the words via telly or books was the draw into the Anglophile world.

I hope this table of contents whets your appetite and gets you excited about my book. If you’re a book worm, then you enjoy learning and good stories. My goal is to pass on all that this Yank Anglophile has learned. I want to give you an immersion into the culture of the United Kingdom, especially for those who have not yet made the journey. For those travelers that have been already, may this book be a reminder of why you love the United Kingdom. For my Brit readers, I pray you feel proud of this body of work and that your countrymen are represented well.

As my British friend Jennie (@MyBlondeReality) once said, “Cut me open and I bleed tea.” Guys, this is SO me as well. Though a significant part of my heritage is Italian, I am British at heart.

What’s Your Story?

The thing is, I would love to hear your stories too! Why do you love the United Kingdom so much? Are you a British word nerd too? What specifically makes you an Anglophile and what are you favourite aspects? Feel free to tweet them to me @BritWordaDay or post a comment on our Facebook wall with this hastag: #BritWordaDayBook.

Much love to you all,


Book Update

Keep a weather eye out, my fellow Anglophiles and Brits! Our book on all things British, including slang words of every region of the UK, is coming to you in November 2015!

Check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts for the hashtag #BritWordaDayBook to keep up with the latest news and updates about the release of our Ebook of all things British!


Dear Fellow Anglophiles…

Yes! Another British Book!

This book will be an all-in-one book, on various subjects to broaden the experience and knowledge of our readers, about England and the United Kingdom. The focus will, of course, be British slang words.

Main Subjects the Book Will Cover

Here’s a preliminary list of subjects I plan to cover in the book:

  • British English Dictionary
  • Regional Dialects – London, West Midlands, Yorkshire, and so on
  • British Slang and Grammar – By subject, including definitions, spelling and proper usage
  • British English Pronunciation – with companion videos
  • British Food and Recipes
  • British Social Etiquette
  • British Music and TV – with emphasis on British words used in music lyrics and acting dialogue
  • Famous Landmarks of England and the UK
  • British Education
  • British Royal Family
  • British Transport
  • British Superstitions

Wouldn’t it be great to pick up an all-inclusive book of easily digestible information about this incredible country?

The Benefit to the Contributors

If you made a contribution to our book, you will be credited. Think of it as free advertisement for you and your business. We would be honored to help promote you to our readers and add success to your platform or business. So grateful to those who submitted their ideas and content.

Looking forward to bringing this book to you, my dear Anglophiles and British friends. For the support I’ve already had, many thanks and kind regards!

With all my heart,

Jen Reckard

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