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British word specialists and Anglophiles obsessed with British telly, British accents, and British architecture. Committed to teaching you these English expressions because we know how brilliant British words are!

How BritWordaDay Got Started

The idea was to create social media platforms specifically designed to inform and educate fellow Anglophiles on the meaning, usage, and proper context of British words. Knowing we were not the only lovers of British slang, we discovered the English have a plethora of these unique words.  So, we were bursting to share all of these amazing, quirky, and even shocking British words with you on a daily basis and this is how we came up with the name BritWordaDay.

What BritWordaDay Offers You

We are dedicated to all the Anglophiles out there who love British words, British telly, British food, British architecture, and culture.  For those of you desirous to learn all they can about these fascinating subjects, we got the tools for you!

Using a systematic approach, we will teach you all about:

  • British words and how to use them in context
  • Word etymologies, Cockney Rhyming Slang (the origin of many British slang words)
  • British accents by region should you want to use it for fun or even professionally.

If you want to travel to England and be fully prepared to easily immerse yourself into this country and its culture, we will teach you all about:

  • British iconic structures
  • Regions of England and how they relate to British words and accents
  • Proper etiquette, British food dishes, and culture

Check out our blog posts, and videos to school you in each of these areas at your own convenience. If you’ve dreamed of visiting England or even if you’ve been there before, we want you to be fully prepared to have the most enjoyable British experience possible!

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