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Chuffed – very pleased

I’m utterly chuffed over our holiday to Wales next month. It has some of the most lovely beaches.

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 What is Tynwald Day?


People often forget the British ties to the Isle of Mann. Though a Crown Dependency and not part of the United Kingdom, Her Majesty is the Lord of Mann. Though the involvement of a British monarch is seldom, this national observance is one of the most significant for the Manx people (residents of the Isle of Mann). Dating back to the Viking settlements of 8th Century AD, this tradition has continued unchanged for over 1000 years. No other parliament in the world has such a long unbroken record. READ MORE…

 26 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Moving to England


So you’ve decided to move to England and feel completely overwhelmed by the endeavor. Where does one even begin? Well, aside from packing up your flat, I will help you make this transition as smoothly as possible with these top tips.

This topic actually came about over coffee with my friend Tara. We were talking about ideas for another British book I’m writing and she mentioned moving to England. She knew it would be an enormous undertaking moving from the US to the UK but would love a book to guide her. Consider this your mini guide, my dear friend. READ MORE…

Why is London Called The Smoke?


With the combination of coal fires and weather conditions, smog often settled over the city and London became known as The Smoke or Big Smoke, an expression still used lightheartedly today.

This came from the low grade post-war coal, burned primarily in homes, which caused an increased amount of sulfur dioxide, polluting the foggy air. Additional contributions to the cause of smog were the abundant coal-fired power stations in the Greater London area, including Fulham, Battersea, Bankside, and Kingston upon Thames, all of which added to the air’s contamination. READ MORE…

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